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Since 1926, Wolf Tree, Inc. has provided homeowners and businesses in Knoxville, TN with quality tree care services. Wolf Tree employs certified arborists who are members of the International Society of Arboriculture. Our company is a member of Tree Care Industry Association. Wolf Tree's trained crews work safely and efficiently with the tools, knowledge and skills of experienced professionals to provide the following services.


Proper pruning can improve the safety, health, and appearance of trees. Common reasons for pruning include the removal of dead, dying, diseased, and hazardous branches. With a few exceptions, most pruning operations can be performed throughout the year with minimal adverse effect on the health of the tree. Heavy pruning immediately following a spring flush of growth should be avoided. The unprofessional practice of "topping" trees should also be avoided. Pruning operations require skill in the placement of pruning cuts and technique. Our arborists have the experience and training necessary to safely and efficiently prune trees.

Tree Removal

Our arborists can help determine whether tree removal is necessary. Trees that are dead, overcrowded, hazardous or causing obstructions are sometimes candidates for removal. Wolf Tree crews are equipped with specialized equipment for removal including aerial lifts and cranes. Always insist on insured professionals when contracting for tree removal.

Lightning Protection

When lightning strikes, trees can be seriously damaged or destroyed. Due to their height and conductivity, trees are excellent discharge points for the awesome forces of lightning. With the proper installation of copper and brass conductors connected to a grounding system, trees can be inconspicuously protected from Mother Nature's electrical storms.

Cabling & Bracing

Installing cables or bracing can reinforce trees with weakened branch attachments. The use of threaded steel rods, lag bolts, specially designed webbing and stranded cable provides added support for potentially hazardous branches. Cabled and braced trees should be inspected regularly for proper adjustment and integrity.

Disease & Insect Control

Diseases and insects can seriously compromise tree health and longevity. Environmental stressors such as drought, flooding and abnormal temperature changes can cause trees to be more susceptible to disease and insect infestations. Wolf Tree's certified arborists can inspect, diagnose and treat specific tree problems.


Healthy vigorous trees are better able to withstand environmental stressors. The application of nutrient materials contribute to the health of trees, increasing their environmental contribution and value. Our professionals can design a soil enhancement program to maximize tree health.

Tree Values & Appraisals

Establishing the value of trees and landscape plants is often necessary due to damage to or death of a plant. Insurance claims, real estate appraisals and court litigation require appraisals for settlement purposes. When considering tree and landscape valuations, always insist on a certified arborist trained in plant appraisal.

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