We utilize a wide range of specialized equipment and a variety of methods to service the many needs of the utility customer. Each crew has the right tools and equipment to provide competent, efficient service.

Aerial Lift Truck

Elevator Lift Truck

Knuckle Boom

Brush Chipper

4x4 Bucket Truck

4x4 Tractor Bush Hog

Shinn Land Clearing Machine
With the ability to shred trees of unlimited size, the Shinn land clearing machine is simply the most efficient way to clear land, performing in a day work that a crew would need a week to finish.

Mechanical Tree Trimmer
With either wheeled or track carriers, our 70-foot mechanical trimmers allow smaller crews to do more work in less time. Because workers never leave the ground, this method of trimming is safer.

Herbicide Application Truck
Herbicide applications control brush and weeds in right of way and substations. Trained herbicide applicators, benefiting from our 80 years in vegetation control, provide integrated vegetation management.


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